Escape from Age of Monsters

Escape from Age of Monsters 1.2

Run for your life

Escape from Age of Monsters is the second game in the Age of Monsters series behind Age of Monsters. View full description


  • Great gameplay
  • Addictive
  • Amazing graphics
  • Great soundtrack


  • Slight lag between actions


Escape from Age of Monsters is the second game in the Age of Monsters series behind Age of Monsters.

While Age of Monsters was a simple rock-paper-scissors game, Escape from Age of Monsters takes the distance-based arcade game and infuses an amazing rock-and-roll style with amazing art and gameplay.


Escape from Age of Monsters does not really evolve the original gameplay of distance running games, but it does add new elements. You play Gizzard, a character from the first game, who is trying to run away from the monsters who have taken over the world.

Granted with two magical gloves, you smash walls and enemies according to the color that is presented. It is a simple but challenging addition that adds a strategic element to Escape from Age of Monsters. At the same time, you can collect coins and multipliers to increase your score by swiping over them on the screen. Adding these all together and Escape from Age of Monsters is more than just trying to run through each of the stages.

Smashing walls with a perfect hit three times will let you enter Turbo mode, which gives you added benefits. But to stay in Turbo mode in Escape from Age of Monsters, you have to continually get perfect hits.

The timing for these hits is not really challenging, but takes time to learn. You have three lives in Escape from Age of Monsters, noted by the two children that run behind you. Fail to break a wall or smash an enemy in the face and you lose one. Three failures end the game.

There are also collectible items that are unlocked as you earn different achievements. The “Stash House” is your trophy room for all the achievements you have completed.

The game also has an in-game store where you can spend coins for additional lives or purchase more coins via in-app purchase.

Escape from Age of Monsters slowly increases the speed and difficulty as you progress further, which adds to the great gameplay experience.


The visuals are in the same universe as Age of Monsters. High quality visuals are everywhere from the characters to the environment itself. While the walls are simply colored in one of the two colors, everything else has an intense amount of detail. Escape from Age of Monsters runs very smooth and without any framerate lag.

It is an amazing game to see in motion, and the experience is great. The only real problem with Escape from Age of Monsters is that there is a slight delay between touching the required glove and smashing an object in the game. It is barely noticeable, but sometimes it can end a game.

Escape from Age of Monsters is a great game that offers great gameplay and some of the best visuals of any game.


  • Brand new flyby items to unlock, including the Coin Converter, Bonus Collector, and Forward Boosts: enable these powerups and they will appear as pop-ups in game. Upgrade to increase their power.
  • New extra lives: The baby monsters have defected! Now you can get a baby Yeti or Alien as an extra life and have up to six lives!
  • New player-activated powerups: Use them at the start of each building to give yourself a headstart or a resurrection.
  • Double Turbo and Turbo Heaven: If you can stay in turbo mode long enough, you get to Double Turbo for a sweet 3x multiplier. Stay even longer and Turbo Heaven gives you a whopping 5x multiplier!
  • New buildings: brand new buildings for you to run through!
  • Rebalanced pop-up spawning to create more variety
  • Tweaked punching and swiping sensitivity
  • Tons of bug fixes
  • Sweet new icon
  • EXISTING PLAYERS: To thank you for being an early adopter, you'll find 20kcoins/$5 worth of free items, bonus lives, and power ups already in your Store after you update! Thanks for the love!
Escape from Age of Monsters


Escape from Age of Monsters 1.2